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If you need an ambulance call the emergency number 112

General information: MO - FR 07.45-17.00 +372 786 8569 (registration) or +372 786 8511 (24h)

Administration +372 786 8500

The European health insurance card gets necessary health care while staying temporarily in another state. The person insured in EU state should, when getting necessary health care in another state pay for the medical treatment similarly to the local insured person. Necessary health care is not free of charge – the patient’s co-payment should be paid according to the tariffs of the country of location. The patient’s co-payment is later not covered by the Health Insurance Fund. Therefore it is recommended to take also the travel insurance in the private insurance company, as on the basis of the latter the patient’s co-payment, private doctor’s visit, patient’s transport from one country to another etc., which are not compensated on the basis of the European health insurance card, are also covered.